Saturday, 22 October 2011

On celebrations mode !

October,  19,  2011 :
The Earth has completed 52 revolutions, today, in my life ! ( I liked that expression  and so borrowed it  from  Dr.A.P.J's book.). So it's time to switch on to celebration mode !
Why birthdays should be celebrated ? Honestly, I was not very keen on celebrating a birthday. For children, it's ok. However, I do not really like elders following the the same practice like children. Just like other 364 days, this is one more day ! At least, at 52, I wanted it to be a low key affair. But I niether  had any idea, nor any control over unfolding of the events of the day.

Whatever it is, I must admit, I throughly enjoyed the  whole day, as never before ! It is so heartening to receive greetings from all friends, akins, everybody. In fact, I thought I should count the total calls, messages received today; but gave up that idea. The call from school day friend ( after many  many years) Dr. Nandu Petkar, a call from  CA Jayaram  Rajan (with whom I studied CA)   were  like the best treat and  most enjoyable ones.  I liked Nandu's comment when he  said that he preferred to speak in person, rather than writing in impersonal way  on facebook.  Similarly, the call from  my sisters Sangita from Buldhana,  and Nandu from Dhulia, were quite unexpected, yet pleasant one. Of course, every call, every message added joy to me.   The thought that so many people love me, made me introspect about the reasons.   I was the focal point of attention, affection of all near and dear ones. I was wondering about, what great have I done, that they all love me so much ? I am so lazy,  that I seldom call anybody on their birthdays.  On festival days, I am mostly on back foot, so far as  SMSing is concerned; I mean,  I only respond to the SMSs received and do not take any initiative to wish.  I find it a tough task even to sms 'thank you' messages.

My heart operation must added some more sympathy factor to the celebrations.  Already people enquire about my health, now they got one  more reason.  Any way, the end result is, I am enjoying too much of attention. On food front,  also, there was no less pampering. All restrictions were, relaxed for a day.  It looks as if, God has deputed Gitanjali, my better half, to better my performance. She will not like it if  I acknowledge,  but the fact remains, her contribution is  tremendous.  Good food, good attention  have added so much of fun, that now I  need to change my opinion.  I could not locate the reason for flow of love and affection to me. It seems to be part of His design that,  all these people have come in my life and made it what it is.  I am  thankful to each one of them, and ultimately to the Almighty,  for making our life a beutiful journey !

                                                                " Jindagi ek safar hai suhana"