Monday, 3 October 2011

Kailash - Mansarovar Tour - A life time experience..

Breath-taking view of Mt. Kailas (22,027 ft.), captured on 16-5-2011 early morning.

A Tibetian performing Parikrama by lying prostrate. He will take 30 days for 42 km Parikrama.

Glimpses of  Kailash, from a mud house at Darchen.

L-R,  Sen Uncle, Rajesh, Nipa, Shuklaji, Groverji, Gitanjali, Myself, Honnappa and Shashi Kumar.
Yaks are used more often for transport  of baggages.

Cool Picture ! A dog relaxing on a glacier...unbelievable !

Kodari, a border town in Nepal. a hotel in Kodari, Nepal.

Entering China (actually Tibet ).

Journey to Kailash is by sturdy, rugged and spacious 4500 cc Land Cruiser.

First break at Nyalam  ( Altitude 3,750 meters)

Stay at Nyalam  was  for acclimatization  with atmosphere at high altitude.
This small trek was part of acclimatization.

There are 14 peaks on the Earth, with height more than 8,000 meters. They are collectively called the Third Pole of the Earth. Starting with Mt.Everest,  being the first, Mt. Shisha Pangma ( 8,014 meters / 26,290 ft.) is the  fourteenth and last of the eight thousanders.

China deserves credit for the beautiful  roads  in Tibet.

At Paryang Check Post.

Sun Halo, an optical phenomenon, captured at Paryang, in Tibet, on 13-5-2011 at 12.30 p.m. There was a slight snow fall, before this spectacle. A halo, also known as icebow or nimbus or gloriole, is produced by ice crystals creating a disc around  the Sun. They are formed in Cirrus clouds (5 - 10 km) in upper troposphere.

On a Glacier in Paryang,  Tibet.

On banks of Mansarovar.

Shashi Kumar and Honappa, at Mansarovar.



 Rakshastal, a lake near  Mansarovar.

Kailash ... as seen from mud house at Darchen.

Monastry on banks on Mansarovar.

Holy dip in chilled water of Manasarovar.

A Tibetian boy curiously watching prayers.

Kailash   and Yamadwar
Kailash Parikrama starts from this  Yamadwar.

It is believed that going through the Yamadwar removes the fear of death.

Honappa, Shashi Kumar, Driver, Gitanjali and Madhav.

Honappa, Shashi, Gitanjali, Nipa and Rajesh.

Shuklaji taking a break during Parikrama.

  Tibetians, in spite of being very poor, are very charming,  cheerful and very soft spoken.

Ashtapaad, a place of religious importance for Jains.

A glacier near Ashtapaad.

Ravi Vaidya, Shashi, Gitanjali, nagin and Honnappa.

At Saga.

First time we saw  a  snowfall.

Due to snowfall, the blue lake was transformed into grey.