Sunday, 16 October 2011

Post vacation blues !

SUNDAY: October, 16, 2011:
I remember my old school days.  After having enjoyed the long vacations, I used to find it very  difficult to  prepare for  resuming  the regular routine.  The main cause of anxiety, obviously, was- home work having not done.  Once again to go into same excruciating groove, to face the same teachers, to listen to same scolding, etc. Please do not remind me of those days!
Today also, things are not much different.  From tomorrow, I will be attending my office regularly on full time basis.  After 34 days of post operation leave (!),  same thought comes to mind.  Of course, now 'home work' pressures are no more there.  Being independent, my schedule is to be decided by me, as there is nobody else to compel or dictate my schedule. Yet, indirectly, family puts soft pressure.  Their concerns are not completely unfounded.   
A thought came to my mind, as to why we feel uncomfortable during this transition. It is very temporary phenomenon and more psychological.  Once the gear is changed, I mean when we switch over, we start enjoying the new phase also.  Once we get engrossed in work, the memories of vacation do not occur in mind.
After all, vacation is vacation. Whether in childhood days or now, vacation is always looked forward for.  There are always some plans for vacations.  Advait is also doing his count down for the vacation, which he is looking forward after studying for one and half years.
Why not look at the whole life as a vacation!  I know, the fun of waiting for vacation, dreaming and planning could be lost.  Basically, it is a change that we are looking for. If you have exciting plans ahead, I think, switching from vacation to working also will not bother you. After working for hours together, a small coffee break also recharges you. Same way, let there be many variations in our routine working schedule. I am sure, resuming work after long vacation will not be as dull, as we think of.  When we achieve our targets, there is sense of accomplishment. The fatigue does not dampen our satisfaction.  Moreover, a vacation after satisfactory completion of job is more enjoyable, at least I think so. If I go on vacation, knowing that my job is not properly done, I will not be able enjoy my vacation.  Thoughts of resuming the work will haunt and spoil my vacation. There is famous saying: “If you want peace, then make war”. On the same lines, I would like to say: “If you want to avoid  the anxiety at the end of vacation, then work to your satisfaction, before vacation”.
In my case, the situation was different. The vacation was unexpected, and midst of heavy work load, and it came to me as a windfall  ( I mean, the vacation and not the heart trouble ).  So, even if this windfall vacation is over, I am going to enjoy the next phase also as much, as I enjoyed this break.  Time will tell, how far I succeed. Do you agree?