Sunday, 13 October 2013

Right Timing

Navi Mumbai, dt. 13-10-2013: 

Today is Vijaya Dashami, a very auspicious day to mark beginning of any venture, job, assignment, and any major decision, such as investment in property, or other financial decision, etc.  The right timing ( muhurta ), as is believed,  will  ensure the success of the decision.  Many inaugurations take place on such auspicious days. How many of them really succeed, is a different story.  Starting on right time, may be one of the essential requirement, but certainly not sufficient pre-requisite for assuring the success of the venture. Proper planning, resources, etc are also needed.

Leave aside the blind faith in adhering to the  'right timing' aspect.  In our everyday life the importance of right timing aspect cannot be overemphasized.

Just because you did not respond in time, somebody else bagged the prize/ opportunity.  I am sure this experience is quite common, when you missed the bus. “I knew the exact answer to the question asked, however before I could answer, someone else answered and snatched the lime light.” The missed chance will bother you so much so, that you will not be able to enjoy anything thereafter. The only thought that haunt you, will be "why the hell I didn't..."
We tend to justify "sour grapes".  We often say, "I knew the answer but thought let someone else try " or  "These people are always in forefront to show off. I hate them and so I didn't respond".  Even if, there may be some element of truth in your response, the fact remains, that, you have missed the bus and are trying to justify your failure by giving lame excuses.

It happens very often with me that, some excellent thoughts will occur to mind just after my arguments are over.  When we are extempore on some forum, we might miss out some important argument only to recollect it later on. Just like a student remembering the correct answer when exam paper is over. 
The above incidences  indicate the damage  caused/ losses incurred,  due  to missing the right timing.

Likewise, there are plenty examples of positive effects of doing it in time.

A stand up comedian is able to create good impact on audience due to sheer timing.  Remember Raju Shrivastav's shows ? 

Its a  spectacular sight to watch a  late cut, by a batsman.  He uses the pace of the fast delivery, and effortlessly cuts for a drive. You must have heard commentator saying  "what a timing.......".

Professionally, it always pays to perform in time, and not doing in time results in penalties, unpleasantness.
Singing, dancing, drumming,  in fact any performer's success is about good timing.

A life history of Shivaji Maharaj is full of his successful endeavors attributable to sheer timing. Of course, besides perfect timing, the other attributes also contributed for successes.

A leader, a politician, a professional, a businessman, everybody makes the right move at right time, and succeeds.

So the sum and substance is, hitting a right note at right time brings laurels to you and avoids embarrassing or unpleasant situations. 

Let’s resolve on this Vijaya Dashami’s  auspicious day to do right things and  at right time and see what is there in store for you in future !

Good Luck !