Monday, 30 April 2012

Thrilling Banana Rides !

Kharghar, Navi Mumbai,  30-04-2012.

Yesterday, I had occasion to visit  Nagaon Beach, near Alibaug  in Raigad district of  Maharashtra, with family and friends.  We thoroughly enjoyed the rides jet ski, and  Banana ride. The water was very turbulent. When the boat used to clash with the tide, it was like a rude speed breaker. The most exciting was the banana ride, as the driver would topple the boat anywhere in the sea.   The fall was not due to driver every time. Some times, the members tilting on one side, shifting the center of gravity in process, would also result in a fall. There were clear instructions given that, whenever the boat topples, we should leave the strap which is otherwise hold firmly by hands. We were wearing the life jackets, so there was no fear of drowning. However,  ours was a very mixed type of group comprising of ladies gents,  and children of different age groups.   On fall,  due to fear,  the members would hold the strap more tightly, instead of leaving it. The result was very entertaining. As it so happened, the boat got toppled and few ladies members and children were trapped below the boat. Of course, there was no damage or accident, as the boats were very light weight and driver was very skilled and attentive.  In fact,  everybody- the onlookers as well as the riders- enjoyed the fall.  So boat driver was taking everybody for a ride !

Everybody enjoyed the rides. It reminded me of the rides which we had on Pattaya beach in Bangkok.  Those fun rides and amusements are now gradually being made available in India. That's nice.

I noticed one thing  while enjoying these water rides.
We are very stiff, formal, and too much hooked up in our life, that we can't get rid of these clutches and loosen up ourselves.  At least at some point of time, we have to have, ways and means to diffuse or de-stress ( not distress but eustress ), and  enjoy the life. This ride came to me as a stress buster, after having stressed myself  for a presentation to CA students on Stress management,  a day before yesterday. What a co-incidence !

When I decided to go into sea water, I had n-number of constraints:  where to keep keys, valet, spects,  handkerchief, camera, pen, coins, etc. These constraints were confining  and making me reluctant to go in sea waters.  I made up my mind and decided to go ahead. If I would have succumbed to these trivial botheration, I would have missed the real fun of all those rides.

Life is like that.  I think we need to cut across all those constraints, worries,  which are depriving us of the real enjoyment of life.  Let's drop all the inhibitions, and live life full throttle.  This is not  avoiding our responsibilities.  We have to do whatever is required to achieve our goals.  After toiling hard, in routine daily life,  there has to be some time for relaxation. It works like recharging our battery,   energizing  ourself to live life  with greater zeal, just like those banana rides !

[  Note : Needless to say, that the dates printed on pictures are not true, as the  date function was not set on the  Camera. ]