Sunday, 3 August 2014

My USA Tour of 2014 :

           On May 30th 2014, I set out for USA-visit,  for  next 40 days.  It was a very eventful trip and so there are  many things which I wish  to share with you,  in the series of blogs that will  follow.   This is pictorial description of my USA tour, with particular thrust on the various modes of transport and allied places,  such as  the Airports, the Aircrafts, the Metros,  the train, the stations,  the Bus, the trolly, the trams, the Catamaran,  and of course the  Cars,  which made possible for me,  to travel a huge distance of  more than 45,000 Kms, which is more than the Earth's circumference ! (By the way, the Earth’s  circumference is 40,075 Kms only).        

The CST or Chhattrapati Shivaji Terminus, Mumbai, was  my starting point for the USA journey.  The T-2 (the New Terminal) is indeed very impressive and something of which we should be  proud of. Mumbai to Frankfurt (6,600 kms), was the first journey by Boing-747-400 of Luftansa. 

The next journey was from Frankfurt to San Francisco (10,300 kms). The equipment was Airbus A-380. The speed was 1,018 kms per hour at an altitude of about 40,000 ft.

The next major journey was by hired SUV  GRY KIA Sorento 4WD.  The total distance travelled by this car was 1,283 kms. It was from  San Jose to Beverly Hills in  Los Angeles, and back to San Jose.

Within this LA  journey, one Catamaran Journey to   Catalina Islands about 22 nautical miles south of San Pedero Bay .                              

The next big journey was from San Francisco to New York (JFK)  of 6,560 kms by JetBlue Airlines Airbus 320. It took about 5 hours to reach New York.   It's like travelling from Mumbai to Kolkata, but of course , the distance is far more

On 86 th Floor of the Empire State Building.

Next journey was from New York to Washington DC, about 390  kms. by Bus.

The White House

Washington to Niagara was another big road journey 397 miles (635 km).

From Niagara we took a small aircraft, 37 seater Flight Dash-8-100, from Buffalo Airport back to Philladephia. The distance was 650 km. The Aircraft was like a small bus.

Inside the Dash-8 Aircraft

From Philadelphia, there was another small Aircraft, Bombardier for going to Reagan Airport, in Washington DC.   It was just 35 minutes flight (204 km).

At Washington I  traveled  by Metro train (Yellow line)

A Take Off at Reagan Airport,

Washington to Trenton (New Jersey) about 288 km, was by train called Amtrak.

Inside the Amtrak Train

                                                                          Amtrak Journey

                                          This is Trention Station View

Next journey was from Newark to Houston, a distance of 2,542 kms, by Southwest Airlines Boing 737.

A River walk at San Antonio

A short trip from Dallas to Austin, and San Antonio of 1,276 kms in two day, next attraction.

At Henry Cowell Redwoods  Park

                              This is a Giant Redwood Tree !                                                                

At Santa Cruz, CA

 Trip to  Napa vally, visit to Stirling Wineries, was  347 km drive.

A Cable Trolley to reach Stirling Wineries, at Napa.

                                                        Dallas to  San Francisco, 2,750 km was by American Airlines.

Last big journey was San Francisco to Chicago (3,430 km),  Then Chicago to Frankfurt (6,920 km) and lastly from Frankfurt to Mumbai  (6,600 km.) .