Sunday, 30 September 2012

In the middle of Work Pressures !

Kharghar,  Navi Mumbai, 30th September 2012 :

If you ask any  practicing Chartered Accountant, what 30th September means to him, in all probability he will say, don't bother me now, we will talk about it latter in October.  The professional pressure of filing tax audit returns before 30th September, is so much so, that there can not be any  thing else on the agenda of a CA, except for accomplishing his targets of filing tax audit returns.  You can call upon any CA at this time, and vouch for it, by yourself. This has been going on for year after, with no change.

Things are not different with me, except for one thing.  I am also in thick of tax audit pressure.  Our job is mainly of a trouble shooter.  Every time staff comes with some problems or the other, we have to find out a satisfactory way out, and ensure that finally  the job is done.  More often, the problems brought out to us, are so grave, that I wonder how would I keep my cool and remain level headed. We are certainly not divine to have solution to each and every problem. However, our attitude towards  solving the problems, certainly mitigates the issues  to a large extent.  Secondly,  having  a capable partner and competent staff also increases the confidence and enhances the capacity to deal with the problems.

Last year during this time I was away from this work pressures due to heart problems. So frankly,  I was enjoying that rare situation of being away from tax audit pressures.  This time, I am in the middle of  Audit Pressure and still, believe me, I am enjoying this status also.    The reason of this change, (i.e. enjoying the audit pressures ! ) lies in the changes that have happened over the last one year. Changes in attitude, changes in method of execution of work.  The very fact that I am writing this blog  and at the same time attending my work pressure, is speaking enough.

In the middle of work, I received one SMS  from one CA friend: " keep smiling. It will increase efficiency of people around you."  Very appropriate and timely one, as all CAs are sailing in the same boat, at this time.

The difference  this time, was in my perception and it has definitely  eased the stress that would normally engulf me at this juncture. There are demanding situations, confrontations, vexatious issues, and yet I don't feel stressed up in dealing with these factors.  One main factor of solace is the go-getter  attitude of my partner.  The support from my partner and staff  also are the other factors mitigating the stresses.  

This blogg was like short break ! Let me go back to work, See you.