Sunday, 8 July 2012

Amazing Switzerland !

Switzerland  Memoirs : 21-06-2012 to 24-06-2012 :

Switzerland, a picture perfect destination,  was a dream seen by me and Geetanjali, 25 years ago.  That time  we had no courage to imagine that one day, this will be a reality.  To materialize that dream on a silver jubilee year, is nothing but manifestation of  His blessings and grace.

Here is a picturesque account of our Swiss visit :

In  a  in very excited mood, we set out on  the  20 th June, 2012,  mid night to  catch early morning flight of Qatar Airways from Chhatrapati Shivaji (Mumbai) Airport.

On Flight to Zurich...
Flight change at Doha,  Qatar.

Mumbai - Doha is about 1500 miles which is covered in 3 hours.  There was change of flight and so about 3 hours waiting at Doha International Airport.  The next flight was Doha to Zurich, which is about 3,000 miles (6 hours).

'Aaj main uppar, asman niche,...' .
 A view from 39,000 ft. above the ground...

A road journey  from Zurich to Lucerne.

At Lion Monument, Lucerne.

At  Lucerne.

 The Chappel Bridge,  Lucerne. 

The Chappel Bridge, Lucerne.

The Chappel Bridge over river Reuses, Lucerne.


Mt. Pilatus, Lucerne

Mt.  Hahnen ( 8,537 ft.) , Engelberg




Lauterbrunnen Station for  train journey to Jungfrau

Lauterbrunnen Station

Lauterbrunnen Station

Cogwheel train at Lauterbrunnen Station 

The Monch, 13, 475 ft.

The Jungfrau Railway leads from Kleine Scheidegg up to Jungfraujo
ch. It climbs nearly 1,400 meters in height and covers a distance of more than seven kilometers in tunnels along the nine kilometer long stretch. 

A memorable moment  ! 

The Jungfrau  13,642 ft.

In the interior of the summit at Europe's highest train station (the peak is called "Sphinx"), a lift takes visitors to the peak with its observator
y and the famous observatio
n platform, from which one has a magnificent view of the mountains and the Aletsch Glacier. 
Ice Palace: A unique world of shimmering ice in the heart of the Jungfraujo
Minus 6 degrees centigrade !

To be  on top of Europe, at  11,782 ft, is an unique experience ! 

Look at the contrast !

This is Engelberg

Heading towards Mt. Titlis by the Rotair.

Three different cable cars take the visitors into eternal snow and ice on top of Mount Titlis. This is second stage Rotair car. 

During the journey by the Rotair , the floor of the cable car rotates once around its own axis.  

The breath taking view from the Rotair.  At 3,020 meters above sea level the air is the purest.  

To truly experience the snow and ice on top of Mount Titlis, this chairlift Ice Flyer is a must. The view of the glacier crevasses is spectacula
r!  At more than 3,000 meters, a breathtaki
ng panorama unfolds. The Ice Flyer takes you directly to the Glacier Park. 

Journey from  Engelberg to Geneva :

World Meteorology Office, Geneva

United Nations


Broken Chair is a monumental sculpture in wood by the Swiss artist Daniel Berset, constructe
d by the carpenter Louis Genève. It is constructe
d of 5.5 tons of wood and is 12 metres (39 feet) high. It's a giant chair  with a broken leg and stands across the street from the Palace of Nations, in Geneva. It symbolises opposition to land mines and cluster bombs, and acts as a reminder to politicians and others visiting Geneva.

Swiss Watch

Lake Geneva. 60 % of which is in Switzerlan
d and 40 % in France.