Friday, 23 September 2011

The Changes and Challenges ahead.

FRIDAY, September 23,  2011.

The heart attack on 13th September, 2011  has brought in many changes- small and big- short term and long term and at the same time posed  some challenges.

Take it easy- cool approach :  This attitude was already imbibed, particularly when we were on Kailash-Masaraovar Tour at an altitude of 4,860 meters, in May 2011.  Due to low oxygen in air, our actions  had to be  like in slow motion.  The Sherpas taught us to take it easy- be it a small distance walk or anything else. It seems, some more  refinement was needed.  My profession requires me act very swiftly and it has become a way life.  I need to slow down. This change has to be consciously brought in- Take it easy.

Prioritize work / time :  I never had any time, during earlier life style, to listen to Pt. Bhimsen Joshi's Malkauns and other classicals, or to write down my thoughts. Now things have changed - and for better. Long ago, I  had read  "The Last Lecture" of  Randy Pausch. Since then,  I was seriously thinking of giving fresh look to my work priorities. In fact, I succeeded, at least partially, in sqeezing out time for family.  Entering into a Partnership on professional front,  and on domestic front-Kailash Tour (May, 2011), Bangkok Tour (August, 2011), regular gym,  evening walk,  are some testimony of the changes implemented.  Some more changes will follow.

Pursue Hobbies : This was almost a non priority earlier. Now I am serious about stepping up reading, music,  and travelling ( to the extent permissible).

Professional Development :  The resting period of few weeks will come to an end. When I resume the Office, I wish to start with different vision, and attitude.  CA Dhirubhai Mehta ( Principal under whom I underwent my CA training ) is such a cool person. He used to say 'Heaven is not going to fall'.  Now that I have a capable partner to share professional assignments, I am sure, the tension part will not bother me anymore. My partner is innovative enough. We will bring in structural changes in the work portfolio.

Devote time for family and friends :  This was already on priority list. It will be strictly enforced. Interacting with near and dear ones gives pleasure. Interacting with friends, at times, gives value additions and elevates mood.

Health is Wealth :  Doctor has restored the efficiency of my heart. Now it becomes my duty make sure no more damage occurs. Due care, medications, exercise (whatever doctor will prescribe) will be strictly adhered to.

Now the last point. How it is possible to achive everything stated above, at the same time ?  Looks very dreamy and unlikely ? True, it is not easy; but not impossible for me.   For my presentation on "Effective Time Management for Professionals" during International RRC at Bangkok, I ocassioned to read works of many authors. I know, now the time has come,  to implement the techniques I studied then.   I am quite confident about achieveing above objectives, simultenously.  My resolve is very strong. There is one more reason for that. After having followed the Gym/diet regime for last one year very religiously, yet this eventuality has happened.  I felt very bad , and generally my confidence or faith in gym regime would have shattered. But no; on the other hand,  gradually, I will restore my routine  and will prove the world  one day, that I have not lost heart. In days to come, I am going to live life King size, with full vigour. This is so because, my confidence stems   firstly from strong support of my family  and  finally  and ultimately from the blessings of my Guru Madhavnath Maharaj.


CA Madhav V. Mahashabde